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Each of our services offered are supported by qualified Project Managers and qualified Engineers or Technicians. ICT can be a mind field and with Khanya Africa Networks (KAN) we have specialised in specific areas to ensure our clients needs are met at all times.

Infrastructure  Services

KAN provides fully managed LAN/WAN infrastructure services. These services can be provided as a service or client owned. KAN can build, operate, maintain, and ensure the network is secured. KAN has teams that are able to supply fully structured outdoor and indoor cabling systems, from Fibre to networking. Along with these infrastructure options the KAN Team offer full design, supply, install, monitor, configure, and maintain data centres, CCTV, network security, ICT hardware and biometrics systems.

Managed Services

With Managed Services you need to be able to provide a single point of contact to your clients to manage and control incidents and request for assistance on a number of services offered. At KAN we host a number of helpdesks with qualified Engineers and Technicians that provide end to end support either on-site or remotely on a number of platforms. These help desks and call centres are dedicated resources that assist on Operating Systems, Application Support, Email Support, Antivirus Support, Specialised Application Support, Networking Support, Printer, and Hardware Fault Diagnostics, etc.

Business Consulting

The world is moving at a very rapid pace and the world of IT and AI is propelling us continually forward. The businesses, departments, and government institutions need to continue to explore their strategies and with the Team at KAN we will work on developing an action plan with these organisations to identify the IT related solutions, or where they want to increase service delivery or productivity to ensure they maximize their potential growth to capitalise on their IT investments to obtain a return. With Business Consultancy we also assist in disaster recovery, risk evaluation, and develop strategies to ensure your risk is minimal and business carries on as usual should something unfortunate occur.

Enterprise Solutions

KAN offers customised solutions to encompass the full business environment from your organisational users, client users, social networks, tools, corporate intranet, and public platforms for ease of accessibility along with increased communication and productivity. Data security is critical and due to the POPI Act it is imperative that all organisations ensure that their backups, data etc. are encrypted. KAN offers a number of solutions to ensure business data integrity and availability to obtain for ease of reference under the proper management solutions.

Project  & ICT Management

With Management solutions this ensures you, the client are able to focus on what you do best and allow KAN to do what they do best. The KAN Team project manage from conceptualization to completion and emphasis is placed on creating, maintaining, and meeting project milestones and schedules. The end goal is to complete the project on time and within budget every time. The Team of skilled Engineers and Technicians are qualified on specific software asset management tools to ensure they assist in optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of all software applications within your organisation. This in turn allows for increased productivity, ROI, client satisfaction, team satisfaction and overall increase in optimising your business, department, or institution.