Khanya Africa Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ICT and what does it stand for?

ICT stands for "Information and Communications Technology." It is a term used to refer to the technologies and tools that facilitate the storage, retrieval, management, and communication of information. This includes hardware and software systems, computer networks, telecommunications equipment, and other digital technologies used to process and transfer data for businesses or Organisations.

2. What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the utilization of technologies to reshape the operations, customer service and decision-making processes within businesses or organizations. This entails embracing tools enhancing workflows and potentially altering the mindset and collaborative approaches of individuals in their endeavours. The ultimate objective is to cultivate increased efficiency, foster innovation, and adaptability, in an evolving technology driven society.

3. What does OEM stand for?

In the field of ICT, the term "OEM" refers to "Original Equipment Manufacturer." An OEM is a company that manufactures components, devices or systems used by another company in their products.

In the context of ICT an OEM could produce hardware components, software modules or complete devices that are later incorporated into the products of companies.

4. What is a Digital Eco-System?

A digital ecosystem encompasses a web of interconnected elements, such, as businesses, individuals, technologies, platforms, and services. These components work together. Engage within a realm to collaborate exchange information and generate value through their connections and associations. Similar to an ecosystem a digital ecosystem flourishes, through interdependence and the shared advantages it brings.

5. What does Khanya mean?

"Khanya" translates to "bright" or "shine" in English. "Khanya" can symbolize knowledge, clarity, and the idea of something shining or a bright light. This was chosen as our name due to us as a collective wanting to bring “Ingenuity for a bright future” in the ICT space.

6. How to buy from Khanya Africa Networks?

If you are an Organ of State, Commercial Enterprise or business looking for IT solutions please give us a call on 0860 111 432 or send an email to  We will set up a meeting with yourselves and a Khanya Africa Representative to come through and meet you.  We will then engage on what your challenges are in IT and how we can assist you.  If you have not purchased from us in the past and want to buy from us, then we will need an application form completed so we have all your details on our system for you to place orders.