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Each of our services offered are supported by qualified Project Managers and qualified Engineers or Technicians. ICT can be a mind field and with Khanya Africa Networks (KAN) we have specialised in specific areas to ensure our clients needs are met at all times.


KAN provides fully managed LAN/WAN infrastructure services. These services can be provided as a service or client owned. KAN can build, operate, maintain, and ensure the network is secured.


With Managed Services you need to be able to provide a single point of contact to your clients to manage and control incidents and request for assistance on a number of services offered.

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We work on developing an action plan with organisations to identify IT related solutions, to ensure they maximize their potential growth to capitalise on their IT investments to obtain a return


KAN offers customised solutions to encompass the full business environment from your organisational users, client users, social networks, tools, corporate intranet, and public platforms for ease of accessibility along with increased communication and productivity.


The KAN Team project manage from conceptualization to completion and emphasis is placed on creating, maintaining, and meeting project milestones and schedules.

A brief history of Khanya Africa Networks

Khanya Africa Network was established in 1995 and is an ICT services company that has become known for delivering integrated business solutions to their clients.

Today, a 50-person strong operation, made up of experienced IT Professionals, attentive salespeople and a highly efficient admin team, stands ready to support your organisation into the future with a range of IT tangibles.

Business Sectors we

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is an integral part within an organisation, company departments and sectors. It leverages how business is conducted. ICT drastically changes the landscape of business to assist how people work, communicate, conduct business and complete operations. Adopting ICT into your organisation, departments and sectors enhances your business operations, productivity, communication, transparency, profitability and overall growth.

We work with a number of sectors to deliver such solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For information and question you wish to know.

What is ICT and what does it stand for?

ICT stands for "Information and Communications Technology." It is a term used to refer to the technologies and tools that facilitate the storage, retrieval, management, and communication of information. This includes hardware and software systems, computer networks, telecommunications equipment, and other digital technologies used to process and transfer data for businesses or Organisations.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the utilization of technologies to reshape the operations, customer service and decision-making processes within businesses or organizations. This entails embracing tools enhancing workflows and potentially altering the mindset and collaborative approaches of individuals in their endeavours. The ultimate objective is to cultivate increased efficiency, foster innovation, and adaptability, in an evolving technology driven society.

What does OEM stand for?

In the field of ICT, the term "OEM" refers to "Original Equipment Manufacturer." An OEM is a company that manufactures components, devices or systems used by another company in their products.

In the context of ICT an OEM could produce hardware components, software modules or complete devices that are later incorporated into the products of companies.


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